SAP® Model Company for Core  Retail

The  SAP® Model  Company  service  for  Core  Retail  offers  an  end-­to-­end  ERP  solution  for  retailers.  Project  best  practices  and  preconfigured,  retail-­specific  scenarios,   including  master  data  and  business  process  documentation,  help  enable  the  project  to  discover  SAP  S/4HANA® 1709.  The  service  addresses  the  full  merchandising  loop   –from  master  data  creation  to  procurement,  merchandise  supply,  sales  order  management,  and  registry  at  the  point  of  sale.

Business Processes and Capabilities

  • Article  master  and  hierarchies
  • Sites  and  business  partners
  • Assortments  and  listings
  • Valuation  and  retail  pricing
  • Promotion  management
  • Contracts
  • Requirements  planning  and  allocation
  • Purchase  order  creation  and  return  to   vendor
  • Invoice  verification  and  vendor  billing
  • Goods  receipts  and  issues  from  a  distribution   center  (DC)
  • Merchandise  distribution  and  stock  transfers
  • Physical  inventory  DC
  • Replenishment  run
  • Supply
  • Store  reply  for  promotions  and  allocation
  • Receive,  order,  and  transfer  products
  • Physical  inventories  store
  • Perform  store  walk-­through
  • Adjust  stock
  • Standard  sales  order  processing
  • Outbound  processing
  • Invoice
  • Returns

Delivery Approach

  • Ready-to-run appliance with applications, configuration, and sample data
  • System provisioning over the SAP Value Prototyping or on premise
  • Business-­process  manuals
  • Business  process–design  master  document
  • • Configuration  guides

When to Consider

  • Implement  from  scratch,  upgrade  to  the  latest  innovations,  or  eliminate  unused  custom  developments
  • Enable  and  discover  the  solution  with  a  show  rather  than  a  tell  approach  to  the  project
  • Optimize  product  quality  by  using  best  practices  and  processes  supported  by  SAP  software


  • Reduced  costs  and  resource  effort  thanks  to  a  preconfigured,  ready-­to-­run  solution
  • Elimination of risk through proven reference solution architecture and comprehensive process support
  • Increased innovation adoption and decreased time to value through agile and lean principles
  • Accelerated enablement and increased engagement


  • SAP  S/4HANA  1709
  • Adobe  document  services

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