SAP® Model Company for Automotive Suppliers

The SAP® Model Company for Automotive Suppliers service offers a ready-­to-­run, comprehensive reference solution for procure-­to-­pay, plan-­to-­ product, and order-­to-­cash processes. It is delivered with relevant business content, accelerators, and enablement services, helping you reduce costs, decrease risks, and accelerate adoption during discovery, exploration, and realization activities.

Business Processes and Capabilities

Focus Areas for the SAP S/4HANA® Enterprise Management solution

  • Scheduling Agreement Business with Delivery Schedules
  • Just in sequence call pass-­ through / forwarding
  • Evaluated Receipt Settlement
  • Advanced Returns Management
  • Embedded EWM Integration
  • Repetitive Manufacturing – Make–to-­Stock
  • Co-­Product Production
  • Tool Production
  • Advanced Planning and Detailed Scheduling with embedded PP-­DS
  • Scheduling Agreement Business with Delivery Schedules
  • Summarized JIT – Customer KANBAN
  • Inbound Just-­in-­sequence (JIS) Processing
  • Intercompany Sales
  • Self-­Billing
  • Advanced Returns Management
  • Returnable Processing
  • Embedded analytics based on the SAP HANA® platform

Delivery Approach

  • Ready-­to-­run appliance with applications, configuration, and sample data
  • System provisioning over the SAP Cloud portfolio, your preferred cloud provider, or on premise
  • Business-­process documentation
  • Configuration guides, Test scripts, etc.

When to Consider

  • Evaluate the capabilities of a comprehensive SAP solution for your specific use case
  • Demonstrate a system for enablement, fit-­gap analysis, and solution design
  • Support an agile and lean implementation approach with hands-­on experience from day one
  • Address resource bottlenecks in IT and business and investigate ways to reduce time and effort


    • Reduced costs and resource effort thanks to a preconfigured, ready-­to-­run solution
    • Elimination of risk through proven reference solution architecture and comprehensive process support
    • Increased innovation adoption and decreased time to value through agile and lean principles
    • Accelerated enablement and increased engagement


      • SAP S/4HANA 1610 FP02

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